Johnny The Stump

Not a person I admire, so I wrote this short little diatribe to vent my spleen. The logging industry here in West Virginia if chock full of these guys.

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Johnny The Stump

Johnny The Stump
Yes, for that is my name
Out in the wild, the green and tall
Out of sight and of sound of you all
That is where I will play out my game

For I am an efficient and renown
Slayer of trees
And be not mistaken, it is true I don’t care
How you dare
Form an unpleasant and unfair opinion of me

And its true that I am willing to take
Exploiting, as you will call it,  all that I can
All of the long standing natural laws
That might give me reason me to pause
As well as those wavering quaint rules of man

When the slope and the green swale
Are all down and torn apart
And I hear the saws scream and tree huggers curse
It just heats up my purse
And I am warmed to the depths of my heart

Don’t speak to me of all of the beasts
And of the birds in the sky
They’re just collateral damage, just refugees
That’s how it goes, they mean nothing to me
I say let them take refuge elsewhere or let them die

And when people decry
Of the future I sow
That I should care
For a world in despair
Of the forests their children will never be able to know

What of it?