The Song of SkyLore Engine - Ron Perrone

Sky Lore Engine is an epic poem written by Alex Wiener. Back in my late teens I hooked up with a couple of Alex's friends, Joel Seaman and Peter Prince, who were part of the north Jersey "beat" folk music scene and had put these 2 verses of the poem to music. It was kind of a madrigal, on accoustic guitars. The quality of the poetry stuck with me long after I lost track of those guys. Decades passed, and a just a few years ago, I decided to find Alex and see if it was OK to go ahead and publish my personal take on the song. He loved it and even sent me a copy of the book. Based on the melodies of Joel and Peter, I expanded the song into a quasi-electro-orchestral interpretion.

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My name is Skylore Engine
And I hitch-hike on the coat-tails of space
I'm an earthling but not of volition
I'm buried alive at Sky Bottom
Where arrival and departure fuses
In a ball of veins and bruises
I seek enlightenment

It happened that the sky breathed me out
I was swallowed inthe glass of a void
With my head dunked into sun and wind
With music in my ears and the world in my eyes
I recognized my mind as layer upon layer
Realization of the sight of itself

I Skylore Engine tell you a story
Of who has unlocked the door of a tear from within
You can unzipper the sky til you are blue in the face
But leave God alone
Let sleeping dogs lie
Death is the only open house
A frightful "come as you are"
As you are

My name is Skylore Engine
And I hitch-hike on the coat-tails of space