Under Saurian Skies

Under Saurian Skies is one of my earliest en devours. I started writing it in the late 60's as a premonition of the Apocalypse mixed with my budding interest in all things dinosaurs and environmentalism. This is LOOOOOOONG. No hooks, no refrains, no 'beat'. It is just what happens when a person with an interest in both symphonic and electronic music gets paranoid and depressed. The video (on youtube.com) is stuff I crammed onto the song a couple of years ago because no one just listens to music anymore without a video and it seemed appropriate anyway. I can't believe that after 45 years it still describes how I feel about these things.

So, its about a Pteranodon who emerges, re-animated  from a fossil rock to cruise the sky, where he observes what we humans have done to his world.

This is an undanceable piece of music with absolutely no commercial potential. 

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In a dream he took flight
Dragon glider, full moon flyer
A precient wraith of time
And he arose, transformed from stone, to sail the sky

The world that we know may be gone by the dawn
Atom firefall, red rain
Dreamers of dreams gone insane

So here we stand beneath Saurian Skies
Their laughter floats over our world
Their voices, the sun in our eyes

Busy wee beasts, rushing off to appointments
Bright little builders with clouds in their hands
Blind with ambition and faith without reason
Their ignorance cuts, spilling blood on the land

Behold I sing you a tale
Of a long-ago world
Of a paradise failed
I warn, heed a voice from the past
A message from stone, this world will not last
I teach only what I have seen
How a Saurian kingdom so much greater than yours
Was cut off with a scream!

And now with the firefall demond whispering in dreams
And on media screens he blinds us
Ancient flyers drift homeward
The saurian call out a warning
Its the cry of extinction
Your time is at hand, I Pteranodon beckon to thee!

As so it has come to be that humans inherit the world
And now that they call it their own
They set about to streaking their minds and their bodies in crimson
And thusly crouched in the encircling primevil darkness
By the night fires behind their eyes
They carve their brutal totems to know their fates
Though their fears find them time and again

And its through the desperate years
Their tears fell from their star spangled masks
And where these spatter the earth
There prowl the blood demons feasting as they crawl

Iron maker, fire shaker
Fear the night and curse the day
Maime the earth and shame the wild
Drive the living things away

A coffin nailed with bullets and a funeral crown
Of distorted sunrises
Hate and plague in the old home town
You can close your eyes to it
Filth and fire on the burial grounds
And for each and every
A grave digger digging  you in deeper
With automated claws

This earth is the living god
Once rejected, once neglected
She will be gone to us forever
Lost to us forever
Forever more

And what will we do, and where will we go?
Orphaned all, we surely all should know
Fire shakers, murder makrs
All fall!

Perhaps great titans may crouch by the sea
Again  in a world of sauian seed
And virgin lands again will be
Home to the flying and running free

Agreed! Home to the flying and running free.