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 "De gustibus non est disputandum."   So, Make Contact!          

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Are these Electro-Folk-Psychedelic tunes? Or are they pompous emminations from an jaded old head. Dunno. I have given up on trying to discover my "style", let alone trying to describe it . If you figure it out, let me know. This I can say, I value tunefulness, poetry, and story telling. I love juxtaposing the simple against the complex, the ancient against the new, the organic against the electronic. It bends my mind and opens doors. But be advised, if you are seeking beat based commercially driven drivel about screwed up relationships,  hot sexy hoo - ha, or the words "baby", "oh", and "yeah", etc., etc., you are  going to be sorely disappointed because I have decided there are other subjects to write and sing about. So, if i haven't lost you already, please go ahead and take a chance on a bit of weird retro-ness these largely unknown and sketchily performed offerings provide.
Stuff from my attic .....
Oddities -I just don't know what to do with these.

Ambient recordings - Ah, nature.
Tree Frogs and Toads     Catydids and Crickets
6 and 12 string guitar - from back in my folky days.
Butler Creek John Henry
Truman's Farewell Follow The Drinkin' Gourd & Many Thousand Gone
Pretty Polly The Springhill Mine Disaster
6 string banjo - Tunes I still like
Red Rocking Chair
Shady Grove
Angeline-Sally In the Garden
Dance music for Theatre West Virginia
Old Timey Medley
Piano/harmonica/bass by John Sellards
Hey, a little tin pan alley never hurt anyone.

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