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 "De gustibus non est disputandum."   So, Make Contact!          

Oddities -I just don't know what to do with these.
Blade Runner Theme
One Potato
Kimberly's Waltz

Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar - from back in my folky days.
Butler Creek
Pretty Polly
Truman's Farewell
John Henry
Follow The Drinkin' Gourd/Many Thousand Gone
The Springhill Mine Disaster

6 string banjo - Tunes I still like
Red Rocking Chair
Shady Grove
Angeline-Sally In the Garden

Old Timey Medley
(dance music for Theatre West Virginia)
Piano/harmonica/bass by John Sellards
Hey, a little tin pan alley never hurt anyone.

Ambient recordings - Ah, nature.
Tree Frogs and Toads
Catydids and Crickets

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