All the Music
"De gustibus non est disputandum."   Make Contact!

 "Tales Told In Dim Eden"
Under Saurian Skies
Benny The Bug
The White Ship
Voice of the Ancestral Shrew
Sir Patrick Spens
The Song of SkyLore Engine
Remember Kumbrabow

Snippets and Oddities -I just don't know what to do with these.
Blade Runner Theme
Oh, So Tragic
One Potato
Kimberly's Waltz 
Johnny The Stump 

Acoustic Music -
from back in my folky days.
Butler Creek
Pretty Polly
King Coal
Truman's Farewell
John Henry

Ambient Recordings -
Ah, nature.
Tree Frogs and Toads
Catydids and Crickets

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ME: Ronald Perrone
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