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 A musical menagerie on a distant world.

by Ron Perrone

(all tunes available for listening and digital downloading at http://ronaldperrone.bandcamp.com)

Exofauna is a musical fantasy  about a trip to a distant Earth-like planet and exploring the habitat and wildlife that could be found there. Each track is a different kind of animal or place.

Instruments: Moog Old School Voyager, Moog Werkstatt-1, Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900, Korg MS-20 Mini, Roland JV-880, Atomosynth KOE Darkside, Frame Drum.


Part 1: The Landing.
(Time: 3:04) Listen in as we touchdown on an unexplored planet known to be able to sustain life such as on earth.

Part 2: Walkabout.
(and the Threat From Above). (Time: 3:33) The exploration begins as we exit our spacecraft only to be surrounded by flying creatures which swirl down upon us. It is impossible to know if they are a danger or merely curious. We opt for running to find shelter in a nearby towering forest of crystalline plant-like life forms.

Part 3: The Alien Forest.
(Time: 5:27) We find it a peaceful, mysterious place filled with sounds that are familiar, yet alien. A good place to catch our breath and wait until the coast is clear before we move on.

Part 4: A Squabble.
(Time:1:50) After a while, we decide to explore the forest a bit and come upon 2 house cat sized creatures who have squared off over what appears to be something they both want. A brief but entertaining alien quarrel ensues.

Part 5: Very Large Animals.
(Time: 3:19) Eventually the creatures run off and seeing that the coast is clear, we exit the forest to explore a meadow where we observe a small herd of very large, magnificent creatures peacefully plodding along a game trail through the tall vegetation.

Part 6: The Predator Chase.
(Time:3:09) Once the parade of giants has passed, we begin to venture out, but notice something crouching to our left. It is clearly a predator preparing to spring. Fortunately, it is not looking at us, but at something out in the meadow. We slip behind a rock break to observe the unfolding drama.

Part 7: The End of the Chase.
(Time:1:37)The chase ends with the inevitable drama of a life preserved and a life taken.

Part 8: The Cavern.
(Time: 3:40) It is now late afternoon and we are considering returning to our lander, but the rock break we are hiding behind has an opening to a cave in it. We decide to take a short detour underground. Like many caves on earth, it is a silent place except for the sounds of dripping water, the occasional croaking of some small creature and something fluttering overhead. This reassures us that the cave is a safe place which is, after our adventures above ground,  a welcome sensation. The water tests out as perfect for drinking, so we rest and take in the pleasures of the coolness and peace of the cave while we fill our canteens with water from another world.

Part 9: The Stroll Back to the Lander. (Time: 5:33) After a while, we  emerge from our subterranean refuge  to discover that it is now evening. So the stroll back to the lander is accompanied by the mesmerizing sounds of the night creatures of an alien world. Luckily, it isn’t all that far, and we encounter no hindrances on our way. We arrive at the ship safe and sound, enter the air lock, and it closes behind us. The organic sounds of the living world are replaced by the hum of a space craft.

No lyrics, just thirty minutes of music.